Coopepys is in use throughout the week as painting, print, fabrication and darkroom artspace.

The Art Club is held each Monday and Wednesday evening 7-9pm where residents and friends are welcome to view each others works and propose activities.

There are ten keyholders and activity leaders to help coordinate access and activities. Contact for more information.

All those visiting and sharing the resources, please;

  • Sign the register every visit so all can see how often the artspace is used.
  • Access hours strictly 08:00 till 21:30 so don’t stay late or sleep it off.
  • Keep noise to a minimum, particularly when arriving and leaving as residents live directly above.
  • Make time for those you meet in and around Coopepys, it’s a community arts project!
  • Clear away your working materials and store them safely. (Inflammables must be kept in metal cabinet)
  • Tidy the kitchen and empty the rubbish, bags provided for disposal into estate bins across the yard. (or just take it away with you)
  • Keep the corridors free from all materials as they are safety routes.
  • Close all doors, windows and check balcony doors are secure before leaving.
  • Check powered equipment is turned off at the switch and turn off the lights.
  • Lock the door!